Crossfit 9 Degrees Creation Story

Why Are We Named “CrossFit 9 Degrees”?

Indianapolis, Indiana is arguably the racing capitol of the world.  Brownburg, Indiana is only a few miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.   Founder and creator of CrossFit 9 Degrees, Zach Holaday, wanted a bold title for the gym that reflected our Indianapolis racing heritage.

That’s where “9 Degrees” comes in.  This 9 degrees angle is the exact angle in which Indy cars must take their high speed turns around the track.

Eight hundred feet past the start/finish line at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a turn that within an instant adds G-force of nearly 2.26g- more than double that of gravity. At 226 Miles per hour, nearly getting shoved to the side of the IndyCar, a driver is feeling around 820lbs of pressure. This intensity doesn’t last long and to most, it may seem IMPOSSIBLE, but then magic happens when a driver takes turn 1 with an angle of 9 Degrees.

Here at 9 Degrees we take the same approach attacking YOUR fitness goals. What may seem impossible today will be tomorrow’s accomplishments. The community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together is a key component of why CrossFit is so effective.  Although a few race car drivers workout and visit our Crossfit, Crossfit 9 degrees is for EVERYBODY regardless of their fitness or training level.  It’s not for race car drivers, it’s for athletes and aspiring athletes of all level.  We are waiting for you to join!  We will help you accomplish your goals.

The Meaning of Crossfit 9 Degrees Does Not Stop There

There are also 9 area of fitness.  Zach fully understood this when he decided on our unique name.  The 9 areas of fitness in crossfit are as follows:


We Take All Things to “Level 9” at Nine Degrees!

Why stop at second or third best?  Crossfit 9 Degrees always takes things to a higher level in its approach to fitness.  Although we take things to the highest level at Crossfit, rest assured that variations of all exercises and programs will be available for YOUR fitness level at all times.  That’s the 9 Degrees way!  Take things to 9 Degrees of Crossfit fitness!