At CrossFit 9 Degrees, we want to get our new members off to a great start. Even if you are completely new to CrossFit, our Fundamentals Course is designed to teach you all you will need to know in order to be confident and successful in your CrossFit journey at CrossFit 9 Degrees.

Your Fundamentals Course is included in your first month’s membership fee at no additional cost. You will meet in a small group or one-on-one setting with a certified coach.  You will learn the basics of CrossFit, lifting, and modifications. This will give you a solid foundation before being put into a regular class.

We believe that form is the key to a positive CrossFit experience. That is the reason we provide new members with this detailed course.  The Fundamentals Course is anywhere from 4-12 sessions depending on the level of each athlete upon arrival. You can get your Fundamentals Course started by contacting us to schedule your first session.

These sessions are typically done on a one-on-one basis with a coach. We tend to be very flexible with scheduling. We have morning, afternoon, and evening session times available. When you meet for your first session, your future sessions will then be scheduled out with your coach.

After you have gone through our Fundamentals Course, you will be released by our coaches.  You will be free to jump into any of the CrossFit classes that we offer at CrossFit 9 Degrees. Although you have been released into regular classes, we know that there will always be questions with regard to form, modifications, WODs, etc. This is why every class at CrossFit 9 Degrees is led by a certified CrossFit coach. We encourage our members to be actively engaged in the class.  Ask questions. Challenge yourself to learn new things in our classes.

To become a CrossFit 9 Degrees athlete join now or call us today at 317-416-8255.