Best Indianapolis CrossFit Competition

Looking for a Midwest or Indianapolis CrossFit competition?  Many Indianapolis CrossFit athletes are familiar with the Midwest Rx Showcase.  It is a premier Indianapolis CrossFit competition hosted by CrossFit 9 Degrees every fall.

The Midwest Rx Showcase is an annual event that started in October 2015. This competition is for Rx competitors only. There are no scaled divisions. We look to attract the best of the best athletes in the Midwest. The standards are rigorous and the competition is fierce.

In years past, we have had both individual and team divisions. Team divisions include male/male, female/female, and a male/female division. Each year the divisions are different.

Midwest Rx Showcase WODs

Midwest Rx Showcase WODs are challenging, yet fun. There are three competition WODs and an additional floater WOD. Finishing up the competition, there is a Final WOD for the top 5 teams/individuals. WODs are typically released before the competition day, with the exception of the Final WOD. It is a jam packed day of solid competition.

Midwest Rx Showcase Prizes

Let’s get to the most important part…the prizes. We have had many amazing sponsors for the Midwest Rx Showcase including Polar, Kill Cliff, ROCKTAPE, Hylete, Caffeine and Kilos, RipFix, LIVESORE and many more. Along with our incredible athlete goodie bags and podium prize packs, Midwest Rx Showcase give CASH PRIZES to the podium finishers. This is not a competition you want to miss out on!

So what does it take to be a Midwest Rx Showcase competitor? Below are the competition standards. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Competition Standards


Deadlift: 225/155
Back Squat: 185/125
Front Squat: 155/105
Clean & Jerk: 135/95
Snatch: 95/65
Shoulder to OH: 115/85
OH Squat: 115/85
KB Swings: 53/35
Wall Balls: 20/14
Sled Push: 225/185


Box Jumps: 24/20


Toes To Bar
Double Unders
Rope Climbs

To register for the Midwest RX Showcase 2018, click here.