What is CrossFit Training?

Many beginner athletes ask, “What is CrossFit?” Let us answer that for you.  CrossFit is an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it. It is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. We do pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a host of other movements.

What is a WOD?

WOD is “Workout of the Day.” The great folks at CrossFit post a workout for each day. The common splits are a) as posted, which is 3 days on/1 off, and b) 5 days on, two off.

What is CrossFit Fundamentals?

At CrossFit 9 Degrees, we want to get our new members off to a great start. Even if you are completely new to CrossFit, our Fundamentals Course is designed to teach you all you will need to know in order to be successful in your CrossFit journey at CrossFit 9 Degrees. Your Fundamentals Course is included in your first month’s membership fee at no additional cost.

You will meet in a small group or one-on-one with a certified CrossFit coach.  You will learn the basics of CrossFit, lifting, and modifications.  This will give you a solid foundation before attending a regular CrossFit class. The Fundamentals Course will last anywhere from 4-12 sessions depending on the level of each athlete upon arrival. Once you have gone through our Fundamentals Course, you will be released by our coaches.  You will be free to attend any of the CrossFit classes we offer at CrossFit 9 Degrees.

How is a CrossFit Class Structured?

Here is a snapshot of a daily class at CrossFit 9 Degrees:

Warm-up/Skills Session:

The Skills Session is designed to teach you transitions in order to successfully achieve certain CrossFit movements. Our goal at CrossFit 9 Degrees is to have our members constantly accomplishing their goals and making new ones. Many times member’s goals have to do with being able to perform a certain skill such as a kipping pull-up, rope climbs, or handstand push-ups. The Skills Session is designed to help make this happen.


Each day we will have a certain strength movement that we will work on. Within a given week you will see the following lifts at CrossFit 9 Degrees; front squat, back squat, clean, snatch, push press, deadlift, and potentially more. The strength portion of class ranges anywhere from 15-25 minutes. This is a structured lifting session and sets are typically done EMOM.


After completing the Strength portion of class, it is time to complete a WOD (Workout of the Day). No two WODs are alike at CrossFit 9 Degrees, with the exception of benchmark WODs. Our program strives to constantly challenge our members through WODs, while making sure they are getting a balance of gymnastics, weightlifting, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, speed, agility, plyometrics, balance, coordination, and accuracy just to name a few. WODs at CrossFit 9 Degrees come in many different forms such as AMRAPS, RFT, Fight Gone Bad Style, Tabata, EMOMs, and more.

Accessory Work:

Each day a set of accessory work is listed in order to help strengthen those areas needed in order to be a more efficient athlete through isolated movements. Areas worked through accessory work are; lower back, hips, glutes, triceps, biceps, and much more. The accessory work portion of CrossFit 9 Degrees’ programming is just as important as all the other components.

Competitors Program

In addition to a standard program for our regular athletes, we offer a competitors program. This is intended for those athletes who want to take their CrossFit journey to the next level. Perhaps they want to compete in local CrossFit competitions or maybe even compete at the Regional or Games level. Our Competitor’s Program is designed to get them there.

CrossFit 9 Degrees offers a dedicated class for those interested in participating in CrossFit at a competitive level. This program is designed to work alongside the regular daily class programming at CrossFit 9 Degrees. Those athletes who wish to be a part of this specialized class are expected to also attend a regular CrossFit class at CrossFit 9 Degrees that day as well. During the Competitors Class, we go through a range of skills prep, WODs including Benchmark/Open/Regional/Games WODs, weight lifting sessions, and much more. This class/program meets Monday through Friday at 3 PM, and it is for those committed to consistently coming 5 days a week.

To schedule your CrossFit Fundamentals class click here or call us at 317-416-8255.