Want to get in on 9 Degrees Programming?

Are you a CrossFit box owner or remote athlete looking for CrossFit programming?  Don’t stress over designing your next workout.  The CrossFit 9 Degrees program is available for purchase.  Founder and programmer, Zach Holaday, is passionate about designing CrossFit programs that get results.  The best part is that our programming is easy and affordable.

Below you will find pricing for CrossFit 9 Degrees programming.

Remote Athlete CrossFit Programming:

You can become a CrossFit 9 Degrees “Remote Athlete” and gain access to our daily programming for a fee of $75 per month. You will have the same access that our members in box would have.

Box Owners CrossFit Programming:

With all the other responsibilities a box owner has, programming can be a time consuming thing. Let us do the work for you. Our programs are 12 weeks long, and you can have access to our programming for just $150 per month. Want to beef up your program by adding our Competitors Programming too? Get both our regular program and our Competitor’s Program for an additional $75 per month.

For more information on our programming, click here to contact us or call us at 317-416-8255.