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CrossFit 9 Degrees

CrossFit gyms near Indianapolis are very familiar with Crossfit 9 Degrees.  CrossFit 9 Degrees is located closeby in Brownsburg, Indiana.  It was founded by personal trainer and custom programmer, Zach Holaday.

Zach is the creator of the “9 Degrees” name concept, which he envisioned in 2014.  At that time, he envisioned a unique CrossFit gym where personal goals could be achieved in a positive, relationship-building environment.  We are known by CrossFit gyms in Indianapolis because of our unique programming and the annual Midwest Rx Showcase.

Zach began CrossFit 9 Degrees because he wanted to change the lives of local Brownsburg and Indianapolis residents through functional fitness.  At Crossfit 9 Degrees he encourages individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes.  Over the years, Zach has seen many lives changed at CrossFit 9 Degrees.

The mission at 9 Degrees is to convey the highest quality strength and conditioning program to people of all ages and backgrounds.   We teach our clients how to become stronger, faster and leaner through a combination of power lifting, olympic lifting, endurance, plyometrics, and more.  At Crossfit 9 Degrees we use the CrossFit philosophy.  It is meant to challenge and push you to your limits.

CrossFit is beneficial for athletes and aspiring athletes of all fitness levels.  Every exercise can be modified to your fitness ability.  CrossFit 9 Degrees has athletes of all fitness levels, elite to beginner.

Our experienced coaches will help you reach your fitness goals, and get you into the best shape of you life.  We know that it takes much more than just a workout to reach optimal fitness.  We also educate our clients on nutrition, sleep, and balance/coordination.

Our CrossFit program is more than just a class, it is a community.  All of our members share a common bond to work hard and to push each other to be successful towards their fitness goals.  If you are looking for an Indianapolis-area CrossFit gym, we invite you to experience for free the “9 Degrees” style in which we do CrossFit.  Also, feel free to check out our resources on the website.

I love CrossFit.  I love to see the changes that it makes in people’s lives.  That’s why I have devoted so much time and effort to maximize the results that you can achieve here at 9 Degrees.  I look forward to meeting you.  I look forward to see the transformation you may achieve. We have seen it so many times!  – Zach Holaday, Founder of CrossFit 9 Degrees.

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